Easy Multiplayer Word Search Game in Crossword Style !!

Mix of traditional Word Search and Easy Crossword Game – Find Words in the puzzle using given clues.

Online Word Search – Totally addictive free crossword search game for all agesMore challenging than Word Search games but easier than Crossword puzzle.Great way to learn new words and improve our vocabulary.

Random Word puzzle grid in each round to keep the game interesting

Online Word Search: Crossword Style in 2 modes –

Challenge mode –

Play against another player from real world or compete with the Artificial IntelligenceSearch for Words hidden in a grid based on crossword cluesFind more words than your opponent faster, the player who finds maximum words winsNumber of words to find and Grid Size increase as you proceed to higher levelsMultiple Word rooms – Unlock as you proceed to higher levels

There is a twist – The Pot – you have to bet coins to enter each word room to play.As soon as you bet the Pot coins – We start finding match for your Word Search room.The winner wins the Pot and the Loser forfeits his bet coins to the winner.

Campaign mode –

Multiple Chapters in Multiple Word rooms

Each Chapter has different grid size which contains words hidden to be be found based on clues.

The Pot – Bet coins to enter and play in each Chapter each time

Find all words in the given time to win The Pot and unlock new chapter.

Features –

1. Word Search Grid sizes from 6 x 6 to 11 x 11

2. Multiplayer Word Search game to play against real world opponents or compete with artificial intelligence

3. Multiple Crossword Rooms to Unlock as you proceed

4. Unlimited Online Word Search puzzles – Play with coins

5. Start the Word Search game with free Coins

6. Boosters to help you solve the crossword and find words faster than your opponent

7. Re-match with your friends to keep the Game spirit high

8. Record your performance in your personal Game Profile

9. Bonus coins in every 2 hours

10. Forward, reverse, diagonal word swiping to make the Word Search more fun