Word Guess

Word Guess

Can you Gues this word !!!!

You are provided with the hint( small description of word) , and lenth of the word . You have to use knowledge of your vocabulary to guess the word from hint provided .You will find this game totally addictive if you are a crossword fan .

How To Play :
1. You are provided with Hint which is one line or 2 lines
2. Answer is sinlgle word .
3. There is Empty Spaces with input position provided ,equal to length of
word .
3. You Got Booster to solve the word
a. Reveal Word Booster reveals the word
b. Reveal Letter – Reveals Letters
c. Remove Letters – Removes 3 Letters from the keyboard

4. You get limited number of boosters in the start.
5. You earn coins with every word you guess .
6. Your coins are deducted when you guess the wrong word

About the Game:
1. We have Multiple Chapters
2. Each Chapter consist of 4 or more words
3. You have to guess all words to complete the chapter
4. Your earn points on each chapter .
5. Score Highest points to be on top of Weekly Leaderboard .
6. Boosters to help you throughtout the game .
7. You can shop Boosters from the store

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