Indian Commando

Indian Commando

This is new Offline FPS shooting game .
We offer you multiple real world missions with story in each mission .

We are try to replicate terrorist attack in India and other places around the world where you will play as super commando and kill all terrorist to make this world a safer place to live in .Good controls over the weapon and option to change your guns to give you feel like actual commando.

Commando serves in the unit in Army trained to kill enemies and super commando is equal to 10 such commando , super trained to kill enemies .
Play this is game and get a feel of real world commando .

Each mission is divided into smaller parts. To complete mission successfully you need to clear all parts. The first mission is divided into four floors you have to kill enemies on each floor to succesfully complete the mission .
At the start of mission you have limited gun options . You can upgrade your guns and ammunation.

We have Leaderboard to showcase you shooting skills .It is based on time
You have to finish mission in shortest available time to be on the top of the leaderboard

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