5 Card Draw Poker

5 Card Draw Poker

If you have played 5-card draw before this one is little different.
We have designed this game against the dealer.Keeping in mind not everyone wants to play online , you can play here against the dealer. The basic game rules remains same we have set different payouts for different combination of hand winning hand .Also we have put in bonus bet on you 5 card hand to make the game more interesting.The poker hand rankings, from weakest to strongest, are as follows:High card
One pair
Two pair
Full house
Straight flush
Royal Flush

Players pays an ante before receiving their cards (this is more common in home games). After receiving his 5 cards player has option to replace cards which he feels redundant or he can fold, if he wishes to proceed he clicks on play button and places bet twice the ante.Then cards are compared against the dealer cards and highest ranking combination wins.Ranking is already explained above.

We offer following in the app
1. Hourly Bonus chips
2. Fair and Random shuffling algorithms
3. Multiple tables
4. Many wager options small to big

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